«His music devours the most diverse of foods to great avail (...). His "Salmo Metropolitano", composed to words by Pasolini (...), is outstanding.»
Enzo Siciliano (La Repubblica, 1999)

«an intellectual of change»
Luigi Pestalozza (Musica/Realtà, 2001)

«Musica per le montagne. A magic pot-pourri which releases a music which is suspended and thoughtful but never immobile: a decidedly supple form of avant-garde»
Antonello Antonelli (World Music Magazine, 2005)

«What I find compelling about Giovanni's writing is that he is able to tell this story in a language delightfully combining impeccable academic bravura with street-wise connectedness.» Alvin Curran (Preface to "L'improvvisazione nelle avanguardie musicali. Roma, 1965-1978", Aracne 2013)

«[...] it's need to empathize with a different code. Guaccero succeeds to do it masterfully, never overpower poetry [...], constructing a musical phrasing that helps almost reception poetic message [...].» Giorgio Adamo (Booklet CD “Non capisco la direzione dei venti”, 2015)

“Brazilian music is proud to have influenced an artist with so much talent [...]” Guinga (Booklet CD “A roda dos planetas errantes”, 2016)

A roda dos planetas errantes

Giovanni Guaccero & Choro de Rua

music by G. Guaccero

(CD, AlfaMusic, 2016) - Egea


31 - ottobre - 2019
Henrique Cazes e Giovanni Guaccero
Teatro Keiros (Roma)



Stefano La Via interview Giovanni Guaccero:
Fra Nuova Consonanza e MPB

Reviews and comments

Luigi Onori, review of "L'improvvisazione nelle avanguardie musicali. Roma, 1965-1978"
Il Manifesto, 6-06-2015 Read


Composer, pianist and musicologist, Giovanni Guaccero was born in Rome, where he completed his studies (at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia and at the Università La Sapienza) and continues to base his activities. He operates in the areas of contemporary classical music and popular music, in contexts such as Nuova Consonanza, Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio... read more


IL SUONO SPONTANEO. Manuale di libera improvvisazione e composizione istantanea, by G. Guaccero (Aracne 2013). A educational path where you arrive at the elaboration of structures of improvisation and "open" compositions. ARACNE web site


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